The Ghar Parau Foundation

A 100% voluntary-based charity providing grant-aid assistance for British caving expeditions to all corners of the world.

Photo: Sunbeams in Doline 1 Hang Son Doong, Vietnam. (Ryan Deboodt)

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About us

The Ghar Parau Foundation is a 100% voluntary-based charity. Through the management of an investment fund, the GPF provides grant aid to British caving expeditions, in particular those that include an element of innovative exploration or scientific study.

Since 2007, the GPF has awarded £128,850 to 206 expeditions travelling to 47 different countries.

We are also particularly keen to encourage young cavers into expedition caving. Over the last 17 years, the GPF has additionally awarded 100 individual grants to cavers going on their first foreign expedition.

Photo: Alum Pot, Yorkshire Dales, UK (Mark Burkey)

A caver standing in a streamway cave passage facing away from the camera.

Benarat 2024

A well-planned and executed expedition. The major success was the discovery of the longest section of the main river passage draining the Benarat caves system. All details can be found in the preliminary report.

Summary report | Serendipity Passage, Benarat Caverns System (© Mark Burkey)

Arun looking down into a cave entrance while attached to a rope.

Dežela Zlatoroga – ICCC

ICCC collaborated with the Slovenian club Jamarska Sekcija PD Tolmin once again to make Sistem Migovec, Slovenia’s longest-known cave system, even longer. Members spent a great 5 weeks pushing the main system and novel Planje system which shows promise of connecting in, as well as teaching expo skills to the novices.

Expedition Report | Photo: Entering a dig on the Limestone Pavement (© Yuting Rao)

A caver drilling a hole at the top of a pitch while attached to a traverse line

Dachstein 2023

This year’s objectives were to continue re-rigging of WUG Pot and push several leads there, to explore Ectoplasm cave discovered last year and the surrounding area. We were successful in finding several new high entrances. Our training objectives were also successful, with eight mostly young new expedition cavers joining us.

Summary report | Photo: © Chloe Snowling

Three cavers smiling and facing the camera within a muddy cave passage

Matienzo 2023

Objectives: linking Four Valleys System & Fridge Door Cave; excavate a new entrance to avoid diving. These were achieved. With other finds, 4.5 km of cave was found. Using a new entrance linked in 2022, so avoiding a 6+km one-way trip, a resurvey to correct a known vertical error of a key high-level passage was also completed.

Photos and report | Photo: Vaca Bypass with three of the first explorers (© Sam Davies)

To the terminal sump

DEEP 23 (Dara Expedition for Exploration and Protection)

Dara Sinkhole was documented and scientific research was undertaken which we hope will assist in protecting the cave. We supported and worked with the local caving community, and left expedition equipment with them. Whilst no new passageway was found on this expedition, two potential higher entrances were found and recorded.

Report & photos | Photo: To the terminal sump (© Bartek Biela)

The Monster in Torca del Regalon

Ario 2023

The 2023 Ario expedition to the Western Massif of the Picos de Europa worked on four main caves: Cave of the Singing Pasteur, Torca del Regallon, Cueva de la Rana & Cueva de la Pluma Negra . In total 1.5km of new cave passage was explored and mapped, including connection of Cave of the Singing Pasteur to Cave of the Witches Eye.

Report and photos | Photo: The Monster in Torca del Regalon (© Bartek Biela)

Pisco and Codeine streamway in Tragadero de la Soledad

Granada Plateau in North Peru: Search for Caves in 2,800m Deep Limestone

It was a remarkably successful trip, ‘where every hole went’ and we ran out of rope as it was all quickly rigged down different holes. We ended up leaving two ongoing vertical pitch series open at -160 to -200m, and a very beautiful 2.4km river cave, all heading towards the big resurgence 2,700m lower located at the base of the plateau.

Read the exped report | Photo: Tragadero de la Soledad (© Mike Futrell)