Active Expedition Caving Committee Members (AECCM)

The Ghar Parau Foundation Management Committee has 4 Active Expedition Caving Committee Members (AECCM) and they play an important role on the committee. These are people who are currently participating, and have significant experience, in Expedition Caving. Their purpose is to provide up-to-date views to the Committee about caving expeditions. They serve on the Committee for 4 years. If you are interested in sharing your expedition experience by becoming an AECCM, the GPF would strongly encourage you to notify them of your interest.

How to become a GPF Active Expedition Caving Committee Member


A caver in silhouette looks up at another caver climbing the Miao Keng shaft.
Miao Keng, Tian Xing , China (Robbie Shone)

Active Expedition Caving Committee Members are an important part of the GPF Committee providing current UK expedition views and helping to evaluate the applications. Your experience as an expedition caver is invaluable in the grant review process. As an AECCM, you will be expected to attend these two Management Committee meetings, as well as review each application online. There may also be other administrative business that you may be asked to help with. You will serve on the committee for a 4-year term.

Selection process

To ensure GPF has a wide spectrum of people to choose from, we have changed the selection process such that people can now put their names forward for consideration. From this pool of people, a candidate will be selected each year to become the next AECCM.

GPF wants keen people who will be actively involved, both by providing feedback on the expeditions and also by being involved with the running and fundraising activities of GPF. If you think you have the experience and are keen to participate, please submit an application for consideration, by clicking the button below. We suggest that people have at least 3 years of general caving experience and participated in a number of caving expeditions. The greater experience the more likely you will be asked to serve a 4 year term as an AECCM.

As part of this application, you will be asked to upload a caving “CV” detailing your caving expedition experiences, as well as nominating 2 referees who can vouch for these details. There is no submission deadline for AECCM applications, and form details can be continuously updated after submission as your expedition experiences grow.

Previous Active Expedition Caving Committee Members
Name From To
Lydia Leather20212022
Elaine Oliver20212023
Phil Walker20202023
Fleur Loveridge20182022
Robert Middleton20172021
Mark Wright20172019
Rebecca Lawson20162020
Richard Hudson20142018
Jeffery Wade20132016
Helen Brooke20122016
Ed Waters20122015
Phil Rowsell20112015
Jarvist Frost20112014
Hilary Greaves20092012
Ed Waters20082012
Phil Rowsell20072011
Paul Swire20052008
Paul Mann20052008