Expedition feedback form

The Expedition Feedback form is used to provide brief details of the trip to the GPF Committee and to make sure that there is a written record of the activities of every expedition. It must be completed within three months of the expedition’s return to the UK. By way of encouragement, 10% of the grant is normally retained until this form is returned.

To access the online feedback form, simply login with the account previously used to create the original application. A link will be available from the summary table on the home page (see the example circled below).

A screenshot showing the location of the Expedition Feedback form link, at the right-hand side of the expedition summary table on the homepage.

In addition to the required summary report, expedition leaders are encouraged to upload a selection of photographs and a full expedition report. These attached files will be made publically available in the GPF archive in order to provide a source of useful reference material for future cavers.