Pozo Azul 2017

2017: A 7 day camp was made, with an interim camp in Tipperary. The main camp was beyond Sump 3 around 8 km from the entrance. From this camp several trips were required to transport kit for a dive in S6. This sump was explored for a further 140 m to an unexpected depth of 40 m where equipment issues prevented further progress.

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My First Expedition

My first impression of the CUCC expo (Austria), just from talk, was that it would be hard.

Alice Shackley recounts the first-hand experiences of her first caving expedition with the Cambridge University Caving Club. Alice was the recipient of an Alex Pitcher Award from the GPF – a grant awarded to enthusiastic young cavers going on their first expedition abroad. Read moreContinue Reading >My First Expedition

Golden Age of Caving

To celebrate 50 years of pioneering British cave exploration, renowned explorers of the subterranean world will come together to share their discoveries and experiences during 4 entertaining days at the RGS, London.

A fantastic grand prize draw includes a top prize of an expenses-paid trip to Mulu National Park, Borneo!

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Tresviso 2017

2017: Tresviso 2017 focused exploration in the Cueva del Nacimiento in the Urdon Gorge (Tresviso, Cantabria). Avens at the back end were climbed, increasing the height to +534 m from the entrance, and with more leads identified. Sump 2 in Cueva del Marniosa was dived, with dry stream passage found beyond.

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Expedition insurance

Cavers travelling abroad on expedition have had many concerns regarding their travel insurance – is cave exploration covered? Will the insurer actually pay out?
The BCA have been working hard on behalf of their members to solve this problem and are pleased to announce the launch of BCA Member Caving Cover.
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Durmitor 2016

2016: The expedition achieved its main objective of facilitating the first successful cave dive in Durmitor. Beyond the Blue Lagoon sump pool, Tony Seddon laid 85 m of line before reaching his depth limit of -35 m with the sump ongoing. A small team also visited the Tara Canyon, recording locations of several resurgences and entrances.

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