Buy some charity Xmas cards for the 2023 festive season

Though posting Xmas cards has declined with the advent of other forms of communication it is estimated that 1 billion cards are still posted in the UK each December. Of those 50% are charity cards, used as a way of raising funds for various charities.

The Ghar Parau Foundation is a UK charity whose aim is to financially support UK cavers exploring cave systems around the world. In its 50-year history, it has sponsored many such trips and the amount donated approaches £300,000.

It has card sets that can be bought at £8 for 10 or £15 for 20, they are splendid photographs taken by some of the best cave photographers around. There is no message inside so are perfect for any occasion. 100% of the monies raised goes into sponsoring UK cavers as GPF is run entirely by volunteers who take no expenses for doing so.

Please visit the Ghar Parau website and go to the shopping page for more details.

Your support for UK cavers exploring is appreciated.

Howard Jones
GPF Secretary